Here's my whole collection. Some of these items are pre-orders :-)

The Fame CD (US)*
The Fame CD (US)
The Fame CD+DVD (JP)
The Fame Vinyl (US)
The Fame Monster CD (US - Brunette cover)
The Fame Monster (KR)
The Fame Monster CD+DVD (JP)
The Fame Monster Digipak
The Fame Monster USB
The Fame Monster Vinyl (US)
Born This Way CD (US)
Born This Way Deluxe Album (US)
Born This Way CD (JP)
Born This Way Deluxe (JP)
Born This Way Vinyl (US)

Just Dance:
Just Dance Remixes (US)
Just Dance Remixes Vinyl (US)
Just Dance Single (JP)
Just Dance 7" Picture Disc (UK)

Poker Face:
Poker Face Remixes (US)
Poker Face Remixes Vinyl (US)
Poker Face Single (JP)
Poker Face 7" Picture Disc (UK)

Eh Eh:
Eh Eh French Cardsleeve (FR)
Eh Eh Single (JP)

LoveGame Remixes (US)
LoveGame Remixes Remixes Vinyl (US)
LoveGame Single (JP)
LoveGame 7" Picture Disc (UK)

Paparazzi Remixes (US)
Paparazzi Remixes Vinyl (US)
Paparazzi French Cardsleeve (FR)
Paparazzi Single (JP)
Paparazzi 7" Picture Disc (UK)

Bad Romance:
Bad Romance Remixes (US)
Bad Romance French Cardsleeve (FR)
Bad Romance Single (JP)
Bad Romance 7" Picture Disc (UK)

Telephone Remixes (US)
Telephone French Cardsleeve (FR)
Telephone Single (JP)
Telephone 7" Picture Disc (UK)

Alejandro Remixes (US)
Alejandro French Cardsleeve (FR)
Alejandro Single (JP)
Alejandro 7" Picture Disc (UK)

Born This Way:
Born This Way Single (US)
Born This Way Single (KR)

The Singles Box Set (JP) <-- 8 Singles + Cherry Tree sessions :-)
The Remix (JP)
The Remix Vinyl (US)
The Cherry Tree Sessions (JP)
Wale Chillin Promo (US)
Wale Chillin Promo Vinyl (US)

Poker Face Poster
Telephone Poster
The Fame Monster Poster (Same as on Singles Box Set)
The Fame Monster Poster (Blonde CD cover)
Live on Monster Ball Stage Poster
Lenticular Poster
Born This Way Taiwan Promo Poster
Born This Way Korea Promo Poster

Boys Boys Boys Keyhole T-Shirt
Haus of Gaga T-Shirt
The Fame Monster T-Shirt
I'm A Free Bitch T-Shirt
Telephone T-Shirt
The Fame T-Shirt (Small) x2

Other stuff
Lady Gaga 2010 Calendar (US)
Monster Ball 2011 Calendar (US) x2
Book: Behind The Fame
Book: GAGA
Book: Critical Mass Fashion
Lightning Bolt Necklace
Lady Gaga pins
The Remix DJ Slipmatt

*Back of the case has been cracked, will use if for CD record frame