Lady Gaga Singles Collection JP

So happy I purchased my Singles Collection! Only 5000 box sets of this Japanese limited edition are available. Get them before they're gone, don't make the same mistake I made with TFM SuperDeluxe. Bought it from Amazon for only $110 with 2-day free shipping ;-)

Country: Japan
Buy it (safe & cheaper)
UPC code: 4988005638786
Disc 1
01) Just Dance
02) Just Dance (Trevor Simpson Remix)
Disc 2
01) Poker face
02) Poker Face (LLG VS GLG Radio Mix)
Disc 3
01) Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
02) Poker Face (Space Cowboy Remix)
Disc 4
01) Love Game
02) Love Game (Robots to Mars Remix)
Disc 5
01) Paparazzi
02) Paparazzi (Chu Fu Ghetto House Radio)
Disc 6
01) Bad Romance
02) Bad Romance (Bimbo Jones Radio Remix)
Disc 7
01) Telephone feat. Beyonce
02) Telephone feat. Beyonce (Alpha Beat Remix)
Disc 8
01) Alejandro
02) Alejandro (Dave Ode Radio Remix)
Disc 9
01) Poker face (Cherrytree Sessions)
02) Just Dance (Cherrytree Sessions)
03) Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Cherrytree Sessions)
04) Christmas Tree feat. Space Cowboy 

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